The Voice Control Application Challenge

by Kolumbus

Implement and establish voice-controlled applications that either increase customer satisfaction or simplify internal processes.

Keywords: Voice User Interface, Voice Control, Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, Chatbots, KI

The development of voice control is progressing rapidly. Driven by companies like Apple, Amazon or Google, the first products are getting more and more established in households. For us as a company, the question arises as to how we can benefit from these developments – both customer-oriented and company-internal. For the customer this can be every process along the customer journey like a customer wants to enter meter reading by voice for instance. Internally, we need to consider which routine processes can be supported via voice. For example, searching for common appointments in an organization, booking trips or other administrative tasks. We are aiming to use the advantages and convenience resulting from this development profitably.

For this we need the support of innovative solutions at the pulse of time.

You’ve got a promising technology or business solution for this aim? Then join this pitch and take part in our challenge!

Gelsenwasser AG / Manuel Woste

Kolumbus is a collaboration of the three energy suppliers Stadtwerke Bochum, DEW 21 and Gelsenwasser on the subject of innovation. The objective of Kolumbus is to find new business models and solutions for process optimization for the three companies. Thereby the focus is on energy and supply-related topics that are related to the core business – but also far beyond.