The Smart Storage System Challenge


The development of an intelligent and connected shelf as an important component for the warehouse management of tomorrow.
Keywords: Intelligent warehousing, future warehouse, warehouse optimization, smart automation, sensors, sensoric systems, IoT, smart racks
The challenge of generating precise information about the current warehouse stock and the utilization of the warehouse system is high. We as a storage system manufacturer want to solve this challenge with the help of a smart rack. But not only do we want to collect data for automization and optimization, we also want to increase security for our customers.

Warehouse operators should always know what their current inventory which empowers them to generate repeat orders automatically and to create an inventory in real time, for instance. In addition, it enables them to analyze the capacity utilization of the warehouse and the storage time of the articles.

Thinking further, intelligent racks can also increase safety by measuring the weight of the stored goods, for example. Doing this, it could provide information if a product has been stored in the wrong place or if the rack is overloaded. Damage to the shelf due to incorrect operation also has an impact on safety. Feedback about the type of damage could be sent directly to META to guarantee the customer the best possible safety in the warehouse.

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