The Smart Product Challenge

by GRIP GmbH

Enabling our manual changers to become smart – including the integration of sensors and generation of data.

Keywords: IoT; data; predictive maintenance; app control; usage backlock; sensors; robotics; production;

The aim is to gain control over usage and condition of our products and components to provide higher quality and improved services to our clients. Therefore, we look forward to include sensor technology in our components which deliver data about usage times, speed of movements and status of accuracy of the lock.
We would like to present protocols of usage and misuse as well as additional services like predictive maintenance and optimization.

What kind of sensor should be used and how will the data be provided in a data base?

The solution of concrete use-cases is not part of the challenge.
Think technical, think digital, think radical!

Explanation of our products:

GRIP GmbH Handhabungstechnik / Hasan Canti

GRIP is market leader in components for the robot periphery. We have been developing and distributing our own products for 29 years. Our top sellers are above all the manual changing systems. Our philosophy makes us open to changes in the market. That is why we are constantly developing our products and integrating new technologies. Our creative think tank consists of a team of 30 people who work with enthusiasm, passion and hands-on mentality to respond individually and innovatively to our customers.