The SAP material master challenge

by Siemens

Around 26.000 SAP material masters are created per year and maintained mostly manually via templates and rules. We believe that there is a smarter solution out there.

Keywords: Process Automation; Patter recognition; SAP; Material Master; Machine Learning; Decision Making; Historic data

The production of steam turbines is an Engineer-2-Order business. Therefore a lot of new material masters need to be created for each project.

SAP is the logistical backbone of our plant. For the production of steam turbines material masters are being maintained plant-specifically w/ information like lead-time, MRP-controller, base unit, etc. This process still includes a lot of manual decision making and data maintenance.

We are searching for a way to automate this manual process by using state-of-the- art data technology to identify the ideal values for our material masters.

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