The Metal Market Square Challenge

by RockHard

Developing a „Metal marketplace“ where like-minded people can interact with each other, communicate, offer their services, promote themselves, sell&buy and plan their next trips to festivals together.

Keywords: Marketplace, Online Shop, Loyality Program, Community, Community Shopping, Network, Social Network, Classified Ads

We are facing a well-known printed-journalism problem. Print business is declining, online reach is rising, but paid content isn’t working really well. So, we are looking for the next thing. We are not digital nomads. We invested reasonably in digital services, we are happy about the great reach of our website and we address the people on the move with our App already.

Rockmusic people are community people – more than perhaps other social groups they prefer to stick with themselves and to support each other. What we always did is bringing people together. And we do that since 1983. So why don’t we do that digital now? We believe there is room for a plattform, dedicated to the Metal community, where they can sell and buy things, offer their services or planning the next trip to a festival. Of course there is Amazon, eBay and Facebook, but do you know the feeling like you are in the wrong place? With our reach, our worldwide popularity, our trustlevel and our exclusive content of 35 years of Rock’n’Roll from our work at Rock Hard, we want to give it a shot.

This is why we need you.

We are looking for a very easy to join and to use „Metal marketplace“ with all the options the user wants and needs along with a masterplan how to combine and release this marketplace into the world!

Rock Hard Verlags- und Handels- GmbH / Holger Stratmann

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