The Market analysis and strategy challenge

by Ruhrsource

Creation of a structured and intelligent market analysis with a derived (digital) marketing strategy

Keywords: Market analysis, market strategy, market entry, marketing strategy, targeting, market penetration, market development, customer benefit, usp, additive manufacturing

The market for industrial additive manufacturing is still young, yet already highly dynamic. No wonder, because in order to remain competitive, many potential Ruhrsource customers will have to use additive manufacturing technology in the short to medium term.

It is essential for Ruhrsource to quickly gain a foothold in this highly dynamic market and to achieve a rapid market breakthrough. Ruhrsource faces a typical problem of new technologies: A large part of the target group does not yet use the technology or only uses it to a limited extent.

Therefore both the customer benefit and the unique selling proposition must be worked out clearly and then transformed into a coherent market entry and development strategy.

Ruhrsource GmbH

Ruhrsource GmbH is a young company based in Bochum, Germany, focused on producing innovative software solutions for 3D printing with a focus on simplicity and productivity.

Our software minimizes the manual preparation of 3D CAD data for printing to a few minutes – without the need of qualified personnel. In addition, Ruhrsource takes on and coordinates all additive manufacturing orders along the entire production chain – from consulting, planning, design and preparation of data to printing.