The inspection protocol app challenge by RWE

Obtain information about the condition of power plant components in a standardised and structured way.
Keywords: app, visual inspection, inspection protocol, picture analysis, inspection data management, standardised information, energy industry, power plants

Power plants consists of different components, e.g. air preheater. Every component is checked regularly during overhauls and inspections. Information about the condition of the component, like pictures, are collected during an inspection round through the power plant and stored manually on a drive in a more or less unstructured and inconsistent way.

The aim is to guide our team with a digital solution to generate standardised component information (incl. text and pictures), which enables new opportunities in the future regarding fast analysis of component condition over time. The solution should simplify the work of our inspection team, increase efficiency and transparency and make collected information (time/place/comments/pictures) easily available.

RWE Generation SE

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