The Energy Management Challenge

by Kolumbus

Development of a solution that makes it possible to connect smart home devices across devices and brands with the aim of increasing energy efficiency.

Keywords: Gateway, Hub, Technology, Software, Connectivity, API, App, Energy Efficiency

The increasing electrification of devices, the expansion of smart home devices and the decentralized generation and local storage of energy requires an intelligent energy management. While many devices can be comparatively easily connected and coordinated in new buildings (since they were purchased at the same time), this is often not the case in old buildings/existing buildings. For example, replacing an oil-fired heating system with a modern gas fired condensing boiler offers many new control options – but the benefits are quickly lost if the system is not viewed holistically. The combination of photovoltaic systems, solar thermal energy, heat pumps, gas condensing boilers, energy storage systems and possibly smart home applications for living comfort (e.g. lighting control) requires a “central energy manager”. This is the only way to increase maximum efficiency, transparency and comfort.


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Gelsenwasser AG / Manuel Woste

Kolumbus is a collaboration of the three energy suppliers Stadtwerke Bochum, DEW 21 and Gelsenwasser on the subject of innovation. The objective of Kolumbus is to find new business models and solutions for process optimization for the three companies. Thereby the focus is on energy and supply-related topics that are related to the core business – but also far beyond.