Crossword Puzzle challenge by VGS 

Transformation of our powerful crossword puzzle-brand into the digital age.

Keywords: crossword puzzle, gaming, leaderboards, long-term motivation, innovative crossword gaming, in-game purchases, community functions, freemium

Over 10 million people in GAS (Germany, Austria and Swiss) are passionate crossword-puzzlers.

But even in today‘s digital world, there is almost no entertaining/enjoyable way to do crossword-puzzles mobile or even on your computer. We are here to change that! Within our digital transformation we want to take one of the biggest German crossword puzzle brands to the next level!

We are searching for a digital crossword puzzle-solution that is attractive for every age, works across devices and should be that entertaining and interesting so that the user doesn’t want to stop playing. Combine that with a clear business model and we are good to go!


Make this opportunity yours and join our crossworld puzzle challenge!

VGS Verlagsgruppe Stegenwaller GmbH

The Mediahouse Stegenwaller is a national well-known publishing house for print media headquartered in Essen (Germany). The company was established 21 years ago and does publish crossword puzzle (over 100 editions per year), yellow press and lifestyle Magazines (food, decoration & living) right from its start.