Fact Finding in closed casing condition challenge

by Siemens

Visual inspection of turbine blade path without opening of the turbine

Keywords: Software; app; hands-free; hand-held; smartphone; process; Analysis; image recognition; interface; remote inspection; fact finding; high temperature; connectivity; visual inspection; dark environment; mini camera; material surface

Currently turbines are opened and parts of the inner and outer casings must be disassembled and the turbine shaft removed to perform the inspection. The opening of the turbine should be avoided in the future. The scope of the inspection should cover crack detection in the turbine inlet area, blade erosion, blade deposits and foreign objects as well as blade shroud pre-stress.

The minimum spacing between the blades is 5mm with a minimum blade height of 40mm.

The inspection should be carried out in a closed, dark environment with a maximum temperature of 100°C.

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